All facials are performed using the professional skincare products Germaine de Capuccini. The Treatment Rooms are the only salon on Merseyside to be selected to use this range. Deposits must be paid on booking.

Glycocure Facial (£40)

Not as aggressive as Dermabrasion but a good brightening facial. 20 min. Upgrade this to any other facial for £15

Options Prescriptive Facial (£55)

A High performance solution to a dull, stressed, tired and devitalized skin. Provides the skin with vitamins, nutrients and a source of energy to revitalise or regenerate leaving the skin bursting with health. Radiating! 1 hr All skin types – ideal for smoker’s skin Radiating! - 1hr 15min. All Skin Types - ideal for smokers skin

Hydracure Facial (£58)

Highly recommended for fragile delicate skin types. Amazing results after just one facial. Gives superb moisturisation and hydration. 1 hr All skin types and especially sensitive skin

Collagen Facial (£65)

This treatment rehydrates and renews the collagen fibres within the lines and depths of the skin structure, inproving the texture, uniformity and colour of the skin. 1 hr +30yr

Timexpert Srns Global Anti-Age (£70)

Anti-ageing face and eye treatment based on epigenetics. Global Anti-age reactivates dormant genes, boosts cellular regeneration using "Epigenol" and "Zinc-Glycine Complex". A powerful all round anti-ageing treatment that provides firming, wrinkle reduction, revitalisation, improved pigmentation and hydration. 1 hr All skin types usually +35yr skin

Black Diamond Mineral Facial (£65)

This Ultimate, Luxury anti-ageing facial features a unique mineral mask that repairs, revives and stimulates collagen synthesis whilst restoring the skins youthfulness. 1 hr All skin types usually +35yr skin

O2 Excel Facial (£65)

Provides a global anti-ageing for those who wish to firm, tone and protect the skin against environmental stresses by activating the O2 levels delaying and preventing the signs of ageing. 1 hr All skin types usually +25yr skin

Timexpert Rides Wrinkle Correction (£70)

A new avant-garde and sophisticated approach to work against expression wrinkles. Timexpert rides focuses on “cellular dynamics” to strengthen the skins architecture.

Vitamin C Boost Facial (£65)

Rejuvenating power to combat skin ageing by intensely repairing the skin’s luminosity, vitality and uniformity. Leaves a lasting revitalising effect that prevents and works against signs of ageing. 1 hr Concerns with tone and fine line wrinkles +25yr skin

Timexpert Eye Contour Treatment (£26)

S pecific eye treatment designed to firm, smooth and relax. Ideal for overworked tried and stressed eyes, it puts the sparkle back into your eyes. 30 min

C+ Energy Mens facial (£58)

Specially designed for the individual Man’s skin type, eliminates toxins, strengthens skin against pollution and stress. Gives luminosity, hydration and immediate comfort using male fragranced products. 1 hr - 1hr

Teenager Starter Facial (£30)

School grade 7 – 11, ages 12yrs to 16yrs, must have adult consent Blemished, problem teenage skin needs guidance to help balance its oil levels, full consultation is given including homecare advice.

Express Facial (£39)

Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, mask and moisture. 30 min All skin types ideal at lunchtime for a quick pick me up

All Treatments are performed by a qualified registered nurse


Prices available on request

EGF (£410)

A non-invasive anti-ageing treatment with a formula similar to those needle applicated treatments (fillers). A professional programme that provides a safer, more effective solution without any needle application. • Volume, length and depth of wrinkles considerably reduced. • Facial oval is redefined with skin more supple and firm • Overall texture of skin is refined • Revitalises dull skin • Pigmentation marks reduced

4D Brow (£45)

Semi-permanent individual hairs are added into the natural browto help fill gaps and achieve thicker brows. 45 mins. Patch test required.

Microblading (£400)

Microblading is a way of semi-permanent make-up, where through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. Result looks natural and flawless as hair effect is recreated on the skin. Price includes 6 week top-up. 1hr. Full consultation and patch test required 48 hours before treatment.

All body treatments are performed using the Exclusive Spanish product range focusing on the theme of total well-being and Spa therapy. Deposits must be paid on booking.

Complete Exfoliation (£31)

A full body scrub using dead sea salts with a choice of different aromas, ideal before holidays, false tanning and hair removal although not recommended the same day. 30 min

Crystal Harmony (£71)

Luxurious exfoliation for the removal of dead skin cells prepares the skin for the power of the precious stones and mineral elixirs which harness their energies through seven chakra points during your massage. 1 hr

African Baobab Ritual (£76)

Ideal for pregnancy. Exfoliation for the back followed by a massage with firming tonic oil all over the body. Silk wrap massaged into the scalp leading into an application of Dreamy legs to help alleviate tired legs. 1 hr 15 min

Chocoholics Delight (£61)

All the pleasures of chocolate without the calories! A thoroughly delicious wrap based on the colour, aroma and creamy texture of cocoa. A deeply relaxing treatment that provides the skin with deep hydration and nourishment. 1 hr

Re-Mineralising Wrap (£71)

From the deepest of the French Sea of Brittany we extract this mud with its marine silts, mineral salts and trace elements. This wrap and exfoliation treatment purifies the skin whilst providing it with all the basic elements lost by daily stressful activities. 1 hr 20 min

The Magic Of The Silk Route (£81)

Enter the relaxing world of the Spa through the magic of a route created especially for you. Begin with a mystical exfoliation with fine aromas and continue with the application of our Silk Wrap, followed with an exclusive massage, pampering your senses leaving your skin with a satin appearance and a silky touch. 1 hr 30 min

Re-Vitalising Hair Therapy

Hair and scalp massage using essential marine aromatic oil. 25 min

Silk Scalp Treatment

Hair and scalp massage using a warm Sybarite silk wrap 25 min

Nailtiques Therapeutic Manicure system is designed to help improve the strength and growth of the natural nail, especially nail types that tend to peel and split. Upgrade of polish to gel available.

Upgrade of Polish to Gel (£10)

Gel FX Manicure (£30)

The must have 14 Day Manicure, No Chipping, No Smudging, better than Shellac and Gelac, the secret to long lasting shine. Exclusive UV Gel Polish 60mins

Gel FX Revarnish (£20)

30 min

Gel FX Removal (£6)

Professional removal of Gel FX product is far kinder to your nails

Revarnish & Tidy (£15)

French Revarnish & Tidy (£15)

Basic Manicure (£21)

45 min

French Manicure (£25)

55 mins

Deluxe Manicure (£26)

including Heated Mitts

Party False Nails (£20)

Ideal for quick fix 15 mins

Acrylics from (£30)

White tips / Naturals

Infills from (£20)

Ear Piercing (£25)

Once you have experienced this treatment you will leave our treatment rooms as though you are walking on air!

Revarnish & Toe Tidy (£15)

French Revarnish & Toe Tidy (£21)

This is a file and polish finishing with a French Polish designed for clients who have regular pedicures to change their polish without the full pedicure treatment, it does not include any cuticle work or hard skin removal.

Basic Spa Pedicure (£30)

Are basic pedicure includes exfoliation then all cutting, shaping and filing of the nails followed by detailed cuticle work and Hard Skin Removal not foot filing! A foot mask is then applied and followed with massage finished with a choice of Basic Colour not French. 60 mins

French Spa Pedicure (£35)

This is the same procedure as the Basic Spa Pedicure but also includes the French polish Finish 75 mins

Gel FX Pedicure (£39)

Deluxe Spa Pedicure (£35)

Full treatment procedure as in the Basic Spa Pedicure yet when foot mask is applied they are also enveloped into heated boots ideal for clients with cracked heels and dry sore feet or to just simply Warm you up on a cold day. Treatment is finished with either a basic colour or a French Polish

Jackie has worked and trained with the best, including J-Lo’s favourite artist Vincent Longo from New York and is fully licensed to work using ‘MAC’ products.

Occasion Make-Up Application from (£26)

Lash Extensions available extra £11

Photographic Application (£31)

Make-Up Lesson (£41)

1 hour

Bridal Application (£51)

Includes both trial and special day plus full consultation

Bridesmaids / Mother of the Bride etc. (£31)

House Call Out from (£21)

Depends on distance

Eyebrow Shape (£11)

Eyebrow Tint (£10)

Eyelash Tint (£12)

Brow & Lash Together Only (£17)

Eyelash Extensions (£20)

Eyelash Lift (£31)

50 mins

Lash Emporium Semi Permanent Lashes Full Set from (£66)

Semi permanent lashes that are applied singularly to each individual lash to create depth and length and enhance your curl.

Lash Emporium Lashes - Infills from (£26)

Semi Permanent lashes require maintenance of infilling every 2 weeks.

Russian Lashes - Full Set (£89)

2 hr 30 min

Russian Lashes - Infills

Every 3-4 weeks 1 hr £50 1 hr 30 min £60

WE DO THE FASTEST WAXING IN THE WEST! All waxing clients must NOT have any heat treatments prior to appointment OR directly within a 24 hour time period

Eyebrow or Lip or Chin (£11)

Face (£21)

Includes sides of face, lip & chin

Underarm (£15)

Forearm (£17)

Basic Bikini Line (£18)

Stomach Wax (£11)

Brazilian or Hollywood (£27)

We charge the same price for either full removal of bikini or a small landing strip you choose.

S.B.C Male Wax from (£35)

Back (£22)

Includes shoulders

Chest (£22)

Half Leg (£21)

3/4 Leg (£23)

Full Leg (£25)

Upgrade to Brazilian or Hollywood for an extra £10

Half Leg, Basic Bikini or Underarm (£29)

Full Leg, Basic Bikini or Underarm (£35)

Full Leg, Basic Bikini & Underarm (£44)

Complete Male Body Wax (inc. SBC) (£90)

Complete Female Body Wax (£85)

A progressively permanent removal of the hair using the Sterex System. Treatments include full consultation. All needles are disposed of clinically. Courses are advised and available.

Up to 15 minutes (£16)

30 minutes (£26)

Charlotte Church and Beyonce use this tan it has 6+ different colour choices. Airbrush tanning system that applies sunless tanner not as a lotion but as a spray. Recommended that you exfoliate and or do any hair removal the day before treatment for best results.

Upper Body (£21)

Full Body (£28)

Legs Only (£21)

Aromatherapy - Full body including scalp (£51)

Ideal technique to combat physical or emotional stress or just pure relaxation using carefully selected and blended essential oils. 70 mins

Aromatherapy - Back, Neck & Scalp Massage (£31)

Ideal technique to combat physical or emotional stresses or just pure relaxation using carefully selected and blended essential oils. 25 min.

Swedish - Full body (£41)

This technique is better suited to those general aches and pains, especially back ache. Preferred more by male clients and those who have physical lives. 55 mins

Swedish - Back, Neck & Shoulders (£26)

This technique is better suited to those general aches and pains, especially back ache. Preferred more by male clients and those who have physical lives. 20 min.

Turkish Delight Massage (£61)

An exotic massage with the most valuable Oriental spice - Saffron. Enjoy its aroma, colour, texture and anti-oxidising power through our exclusive massage method using a large silk foulard to gently stretch the body releasing all tension. 1 hour.

Mediterranean Light (£71)

A luxurious body massage treatment which commences with an application of Harmony Sublime Stones. These unique warm handmade “stones” are applied to the Chaka energy points to induce relaxation and create a sense of harmony. During this the Mediterranean Light Candle is burned emitting a wonderful fragrance. The warm wax from the candle is then poured over the body with a prolonged body massage to ease tension and relax the mind. 1 hour.

Hot Stone Therapy Back Treatment (£36)

Please ask for details. 30 min.

Hot Stone Therapy Full Body Treatment (£61)

Please ask for details. 75 mins

G5 Massage (£21)

Electrical body massage ideal for heavy legs and thighs. Deep tissue vibration helps to lose a dress size through a course of treatment.

Holistic is a word meaning 'whole' these experiences help balance the mind and body as one.

Hopi Ear Candles (£26)

45 mins

Indian Head Massage (£26)

A gentle yet invigorating scalp massage that releases stress and anxiety, leaving a sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity. Includes upper back, shoulders and head. 20 min.

Reflexology (Requires advance notice) (£36)

Reflexology is based on the science that there are pressure maps represented on the feet. Gentle pressure is applied to these various points that correspond to different areas of the body, restoring health and rejuvenating the entire body. Stimulation of these reflexes helps to relax and restore health and normalise all functions of the body, helping to promote a natural balance and revitalisation. 1 hour.


Ideal for all forms of relaxation, aches and pains, very good for depression and bereavement. 1 hour £40, 1.5 hours (includes Chakra Stones) £50

We treat and cater for male clients. However the management reserves the right to refuse.

Men's Spa Day (£115)

Full body exfoliation, shower followed by Specialised Men’s Facial & Body massage complete with Men’s hand and nail treatment. 3 hours + add a traditional wet shave (additional charge)

C+ Energy Mens Facial (£58)

Specially designed for the individual Man’s skin type, eliminates toxins, strengthens skin against pollution and stress. Gives luminosity, hydration and immediate comfort using male fragranced products. 1 hour.

Men's Hand & Nail Treatment (£20)

Men's Foot Care Treatment (£26)

S.B.C Male Wax from (£35)

Back (£22)

Includes shoulders

Chest (£22)

Complete Male Body Wax (£90)

Includes SBC

Eyebrows (£11)

Ideal for all grooms!

Man Power Pack (£80)

Facial, eyebrow tidy/trim and hand & nail treatment

Lesley Harris @ The Treatment Rooms CHARTERED PHYSIOTHERAPIST BSc(Hon) Physio, MCSP, MMACP, Post Grad Dip Manual Therapy, Registered with HCPC


Neck pain, Back pain, Sciatica, Injuries or strains to arms, legs, hips or shoulders. Recent or longstanding problems, injuries or post-operation recovery


Feeling unsteady on your feet, off balance or dizzy. getting a spinning sensation when you move or lay down


Only if indicated following a full assessment


If you have several areas that need treating or you are struggling with multiple joint problems. Maybe you are struggling to get out for a walk, up and down stairs or maybe to get out of your armchair. This service will assess your physical needs and work towards your own specific goals and help improve your ability to get on with your day to day living.


Physiotherapy appointments are available