John Lyon-Taylor

Dear Jackie,

Just wanted to thank you for persuading me to have the back massage. I was most cynical and went along for the experience really.

However I have been astonished at the difference it has made. I have been plagued by back pain for years, the doctor said it is arthritis and there is little he can do, so it must be accepted as part of life. When I left your salon I was pain free, I can walk quicker, more positively and without hesitation. I can bend and pick things off the floor that I could not previously. Using stairs is now pain free, my life has been changed.

Your young lady said the effects may wear off after a month or so. Therefore please book me in, alternate Sundays for further treatment.

I will have no hesitation in recommedning your services to others. Thanks so much.

Nicci Wilson

To all the Treatment Rooms,

I was a first-time customer at your spa two weeks ago, and based upon my experiences, I would highly recommend the Treatment Rooms.

Firstly, the customer service - from the moment I made my appointment (and then changed it) to the time I left - felling great! - nothing seemed like too much effort. Secondly, the treatments I received were fabulous! I felt all the staff made an effort to give you the service that was just right for you and not a 'generic' impersonal service. I had eyelash extensions, a pedicure and makeup and all were brilliant. I have similar treatments at other spas and have never felt as good leaving as I did from my first visit to the treatment rooms. The whole experience was positive and a real tonic.

The Treatment Rooms is a wonderfully friendly, relaxing place to get rejuvinated and best of all, the prices are very reasonable.

I would highly recommend the Treatment Rooms and plan to go back!

Eric Bulcock

Dear Jackie,

I would like to thank you on behalf of my wife and her friend Sue for the excellent treatment and care they received from you and your staff

They have both had similar treatments at other locations in the past but what they particularly like with your Treatment Rooms is that the complete session they could share the same area.This allowed them to talk to each other rather than being in an isolated individual room until the end of the session. This, to them increased the enjoyment of the already superior treatment.